The aim of the implementation of the COMPLIANCE is for the company to remain exempt of the criminal responsability as long as it is executed in a correct and efficient way, and the supervisory body accomplishes the supervision tasks. The only guarantee is for this process to be developed by specialists. 


Banking Law

TAX LEGAL has lawyers specializing in banking law and in particular in the complaint of the preferred participations and Bankia OPS shares. If you are a victim of a trick and you purchased preferred participations of the bank you trusted, do not doubt it, sue the bank and get all the money you invested in preferred participations or Bankia OPS shares back, plus the interests.

Insolvency Law

Tax Legal has high qualified professionals amongst its lawyers to face insolvency situations. Tax Legal is currently taking part in a great number of insolvency processes both in a provincial and in a national level

Taxation Law

In this area, and in some cases in coordination with the rest of the areas, Tax Legal provides a wide professional experience in taxation law

Commercial Law

Tax Legal professionals give advice in the area of company law, including the provision of advice and commercial contracting for the celebration, modification, cancellation, resolution of agreements in the company

Labor Law

Tax Legal offers the labor audit service as an analysis of the company’s degree of fulfillment – as a broad concept- of the labor relations regulations

Tax Legal International Partners

Tax Legal, in cooperation with the law firm Bassas Clemenceu Iuris, offers Franco-Spanish legal advice in the commercial, real-estate and procedural areas, with offices in Paris.

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Bachelor degree in Law from the University of Girona (1984)

He is a lawyer specializing in tributary- procedural law and in civil and commercial law. He has got an extensive professional experience in corporate transactions and inheritances. He has participated in corporate restructurings from important organizations and he is a legal adviser for family business.

She has got a bachelor degree in Law from the University of Girona (2002) and in Criminology also from the University of Girona (2008). She completed her studies with a Postgraduate Course in business judicial practice (UOC), a specialization course in labor law (UOC), a specialization course in legal aspects of electronic commerce (UdG) and specialization courses and seminars related to insolvency law and urban planning. She has got the Certificate of Professional Competence for the realization of the School of Legal Practice in the Bar Association of Figueres.

She is a lawyer specializing in the areas related to business law and also civil, procedural and inheritances law.